These certificate courses form the foundation of our academic programs or can stand alone as certificates for continuing education.


Associate in Sex Education Certificate


This certificate prepares professionals to answer sexual questions and provide relevant sex education to their respective clientele. The required 150 hours of credit will focus on sex education videos, the history of sexology, and developmental sexology throughout the life span. It will include courses on DVD and textbooks and a comprehensive workbook of monographs, the SAR Guide for a Better Sex Life, personal exercises, and self-testing forms. All materials will be retained by the student for future use.


Clinical Sexology Certificate


This certificate is given upon completion of the Associate in Sex Education and 150 additional hours of study in the following program areas: socio-cultural implications of sexology; sexual anatomy and physiology; health perspectives; sexual dysfunctions; legal/ethical issues; and erotology. Attendance at a one-week course (or two weekend courses) at the Institute is a requirement. 

All texts and DVDs will be retained by the student for future use.


Erotology Certificate


One trimester of graduate study in Erotology. 15 trimester units (500 contact hours). This is a survey course of the history of our erotic heritage of the 20th Century. The materials for this course are provided to each participant, and are drawn from the 15 libraries of the Exodus Trust Archives of Erotology. Workbook, texts, and DVDs are provided for each student to develop his/her own library. Students keep all materials provided to them. A project report is required. 


A one-week cross-cultural experience in another country is an option for each student taking the Erotology Certificate program. When this option is taken, a project report will be expected about the cross-cultural experience, and a simple statement of completion concerning the erotological materials is all that will be required.

Tuition is $5,000.00 (2015 fee), plus application fee.



Take these advanced certificates for IASHS degree completion 

and/or to enhance your professional skills and clinical practice.


Home Study (in your home community)

February 1 - March 1, 2015

Experiential Training in San Francisco:

March 20 - April 3, 2015

Supervised practice (in your home community)  25 individual sessions and classes

This somatic training provides direct experiential learning opportunities that emphasize erotic embodiment. Participants learn a variety of Sexological Bodywork modalities and experience how humans learn erotic embodiment through mindful, self-directed practice over time. This course will prepare practitioners to teach somatic sex education to individuals, couples and groups. Participants learn to use touch, breath, and movement to become familiar with, articulate about, and competent in the uses of profound ecstatic and erotic states. This course allows practitioners to bring new levels of creativity and insight from their own direct experience to their clients and students as well as to the entire field of sexology. This course was specifically designed for men and women interested in bodywork or related somatic fields. All students must interview with the instructors. 

This training is a half-trimester, 150-hour course. Students participate in six weeks of home study before attending 100 classroom hours in a two-week intensive format. Tuition for the Sexological Bodywork Certificate Program is $4,025.00 plus $100.00 application fee. Tuition includes online access to all of the required videos, most of the required readings, and the home-study forum. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED ONCE THE STUDENT BEGINS THE ONLINE HOME STUDY. 

IASHS students who are fully matriculated may take this course for $2,000.

Taught by Dr. Aridane Luya and Dr. Liam Snowdon.

More info may be found on this website, and this website.

For more information contact Ariadne Luya:

All courses listed on this page, as well as others offered by IASHS, contribute toward board certification through the American college of Sexologists International. 

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Enroll for Spring 2015 - Online Course

Feb. 1 - May 15, 2015

Optional Hypnosis Certification Intensive

September 21 - 30, 2015

Hypnosis is a powerful clinical modality, well documented as effective in peer-reviewed journals. Now you can learn sexological hypnosis to manage sexual problems and promote sexual enrichment. This 15 week, 300-hour certificate course combines hypnotism skills with sexology to create a comprehensive program for sexologists, hypnotists, sex therapists, sex counselors, and other professionals. Course offers convenient state of the art, online distance learning, webinars, taped lectures, DVDs, home study, and more.

Intimate Hypnosis - Sexological Hypnosis Skills is unique in creating and teaching uniform standards for basic competency in the use of hypnosis for sexual and gender concerns. The goal is to enable each student to gain a theoretical and practical understanding of sexological hypnosis for use in clinical practice. 

Dual Certificate: 

The 300 hours of instruction for the Full Program includes the Associate in Sex Education Certificate (see description above), which requires 150 hours of study. The Fast Track program for IASHS students and graduates only includes the 150-hour Intimate Hypnosis portion of the course. This certificate course may also apply toward DHS.

Hypnosis Certification Option with On-Site, 70-hour Intensive: 

If you wish to also receive hypnosis certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists, you must attend the San Francisco Intensive, which consists of approximately 70 hours of in-class training. Onsite intensive will take place at IASHS, Sept. 21-30, 2015. NGH certification will require an extra charge of $200 for NGH books and materials, paid to Dr. Marsh, who will purchase them on your behalf.


Tuition for the Sexological Hypnosis Certificate Full Program is $4,200 (new tuition fee), plus $100 application fee. Applications must be submitted to the IASHS Registrar’s office. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED ONCE THE STUDENT BEGINS THE ONLINE HOME STUDY. Please check with IASHS business office for tuition details for the Fast Track program.

IASHS students who are fully matriculated may take this course for $2,200.

Taught by Dr. Amy Marsh, associate professor at IASHS, clinical sexologist, certified hypnotist and certified hypnosis instructor through the National Guild of Hypnotists.  For more information, download the brochure above.


Please also email Dr. Amy Marsh

Certificate for AIDS/STI Prevention

The purpose of this state approved certificate is to upgrade the skills of those working in AIDS or other STI prevention programs who presently lack advanced formal training in sexology and to prepare those planning to enter the field of AIDS/STI prevention with sex education and therapy skills presently unavailable at other institutions of higher learning. This is the only professional sexologically-oriented AIDS/STI prevention credential available at this time.

The credential requires 20 hours of "at home" preparation, successful completion of Course #350 STI's: A Sexological Health Perspective, which is a 5-day, 3 unit practicum, and Course #311 SAR or equivalent. This program will provide basic information about the divergent sexual lifestyles 

and special sexual problems AIDS educators encounter daily; help participants develop an effective sexual comfort level; teach participants the relevant sexological theory and practical strategies for AIDS prevention work; address the symptoms of STIs with differential diagnosis and treatment modalities; and give participants extensive direct practical experience using sexological techniques, teaching strategies and explicit materials for AIDS/STI prevention. 

Cost of this program is $3,950.00 (new tuition fee) and includes the books, Sexual Strategies for Pleasure and Safety and the SAR Guide for a Better Sex Life.